Yahoo Makes Scope3 Carbon Neutral Inventory Available to Advertisers

  • Published on March 16, 2023

Integration brings new opportunities for advertisers to buy Scope3 Green Media Products through the Yahoo SSP

Yahoo's integration with Scope3 to offer carbon-neutral private marketplace media is aimed at helping advertisers buy green media products to align their digital ad campaigns with their sustainability goals. Scope3 measures the carbon emissions of the entire digital ad supply chain to help companies make sustainable business decisions. With the integration, Yahoo's SSP customers can factor carbon into their buying decisions, incentivize publishers that are transitioning to greener, lower carbon footprints, and reward them with greater demand for their supply. This move is a step towards the industry's journey to becoming more sustainable.

The integration between Yahoo and Scope3 aims to provide a sustainable solution for the digital media and advertising industry's massive carbon footprint. The partnership will enable advertisers buying through the Yahoo SSP to find and purchase Green Media Products powered by Scope3 to align their digital ad campaigns with sustainability goals. Scope3 helps measure the carbon emissions of the entire digital advertising supply chain, making it easier for companies like Yahoo to factor carbon into every business decision. By offering access to Scope3's Green Media Products directly on the platform, Yahoo provides a standardized way for brands to shift their buying behavior in favor of more sustainable media while ensuring responsible publishers continue to thrive. The new PMPs with Scope3 data are now available globally through any demand-side platform connected to the Yahoo SSP, including Yahoo's own industry-leading DSP.