DE&I - Supported by TWIPN in partnership with The Women in Programmatic Network

Partnering for a more diverse and inclusive digital space.

Quote from the co-founder:


“We are pleased to be one of the Jobs in Adtech partners.

After many years of digital recruitment being complex, time-consuming and unregulated, we have sought best-in-class companies in the recruiting industry, where we could connect our members to job opportunities. The goal was to create a one-stop shop, covering all questions and providing relevant information about the advertised job description.

With the help of Jobs in Adtech, we can reform the process of hiring and communication by connecting future employers and employees. The Women in Programmatic Network is a strong ally in its role as a complementary organisation to help people find their dream roles by organising dedicated sessions about all things ad tech.

This is a new and exciting milestone in our lives, and we wish all the best for our current and future members in their job hunts or recruitments.”


About the Network:


We empower women who work in programmatic advertising, ad tech and related areas of the advertising industry–and those looking to understand better these areas, including professionals in different job functions such as tech, data, ad operations, sales, marketing, legal, etc., and on different sides of the table: buy side, sell-side and intermediaries–to increase the number and significance (positions, decision-making power, pay) of women in the industry globally.



Women will have equal prominence, power, and pay in programmatic advertising and ad tech.


●       Diversity

●       Inclusion

●       Equality

●       Authenticity

●       Professional excellence

●       Support and champion women

●       Learn and share knowledge

What you can expect from being a Member:

●       Members are involved: "We aren’t just followers."

●       Opportunities to network

●       Learn, speak, and contribute to projects.

●       The general membership will always be free.

●       All those who self-identify as women are welcome to be members; everyone is welcome to follow and support our network.

We are more than a NETWORK: The Women in Programmatic Network is fundamentally for women who search for a safe place and would like to fill the gap in their professional life and find a way to be complete.

We do respect and rely on the support of our male colleagues, and there are many opportunities to get involved.

Our Programs:

●         Online Learning Sessions

●         Monthly Signature Sessions Exclusive Sessions / Male Speaker Special Sessions.

●         Meetups

●         Organised regional in-person networking events with inspiring and eye-opening speakers

●         Special projects

●         Parent in Digital (M/F)

●         Master Minds Workshop

●         Podcast Diversity, Equality & Inclusion (M/F)

●         Sustainability (M/F)

●         Jobs (M/F)

●         Mentoring and Coaching (coming soon!)


Before You Join:

By signing up for our free network, you have to be sure you are ready to follow our principles and can be an active member of our great organisation.




●         Ready to attend at least one monthly session in 6 months

●         You are going to register to HOPIN / our virtual event hosting platform

●         If you join the WhatsApp group, you actively engage in discussions

●         You follow our LinkedIn feed, and interact/engage with our announcements

●         You agree with our values and mission

●         You write a short introduction for yourself to get to know your fellow members

●         You let us know about your availability if you would like to be a speaker, moderator, etc...

●         You keep all conversations confidential within the group

●         You don't record, screenshot and use any note taker programmes at our sessions

●         You are ready to ask and share, and keep an open mind


The Women in Programmatic Network gives you the opportunities to:


●         Grow your network

●         Gain more visibility in the industry

●         Write content for us

●         Join different interest groups

●         Volunteer

●         Speak at industry events

●         Give interviews and share your opinions

●         Drive awareness of programmatic

●         Share your experiences and meet like minded people

●         Receive support

●         Attend Special Sessions

●         Be part of unique workshops


General enquiries:


Strategic partnerships, regional hubs and special projects:


Marketing, PR:

(direct it to Louise Watson - Propeller group)


In-person event partnerships, sponsorships, and contributions:


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