About Us

HELLO! is a market-leading lifestyle and celebrity publication, known for its positive and celebratory reporting and unrivalled showbiz exclusives which have been entertaining audiences since 1988.

Over the years, its digital brand has transformed from a small legacy publishing site into an influential global website.

HELLO! is part of the HOLA group, who launched ¡HOLA! magazine in Barcelona in 1944. The husband and wife team of Antonio Sánchez Gómez and Mercedes Junco Calderón launched the publication with the aim of adding some sparkle to their readers’ lives. Always positive,¡HOLA! and HELLO! continue to remain true to the guiding principles of a new type of journalism - always positive, highly visual and celebratory, allowing readers a moment of escape into the worlds of the rich and famous to inspire, brighten and entertain.

With offices in London, New York and Toronto, HELLO! Magazine is now a 24-hour global website, with unique user experiences in our three main audience territories of the UK, US and Canada.

Our readership is more global than that however, with audiences also visiting the site from Australia, India, Europe and all other parts of the world.


HELLO! is proud of our philosophy for trusted, positive reporting and our celebratory attitude. Our media brand is at the fore of a movement for a kinder world.

TRUTH: HELLO! approaches celebrity and royal news with a unique angle – firstly, if you read it on HELLO!, you can trust that it’s true. We do not report on rumours, gossip or unsubstantiated quotes, and we do not perpetuate such reports from other news outlets. Our reporting comes either directly from the mouth of the person being reported on, or from their representatives or very close contacts. Coverage from other outlets is only ever featured on our   platforms       if           we    can    stand   it        up    ourselves.

TRUST: Celebrities trust HELLO! with their most intimate and private moments – weddings, engagement, baby news and births, as well as more difficult life moments and changes. They do this because they know that HELLO! will not sensationalise their story, and that they can trust us to convey facts in a kind, reliable and positive light. As a reader you can be sure that we’re approaching every story from this perspective too. Editorial accuracy is of utmost importance and every article goes through a rigorous fact checking process. We will always correct any errors in a transparent way, and work hard to ensure evergreen articles are updated as regularly as possible.

KINDNESS: In 2019 HELLO! launched #HelloToKindness – as a response to negative and unkind comments on our social media accounts. We strongly believe that HELLO! should be a safe space for our celebrities and our readers. Since our brand launched, we have been committed to this mission of kind, positive and celebratory reporting. We choose to stay away from stories which we feel could be upsetting to the celebrity involved, even if the reporting is true and factual. We handle our reporting with a human approach and kindness is at the heart of   everything  we    do.

INTEGRITY: Our editorial code of conduct is strict and strong. All journalists and writers worldwide sign up to IPSO’s Editors' Code of Practice, and we commit not only to accuracy, transparency and firm fact checking, but also to our positive and kind approach.

FAMILY VALUES: We take celebrity concerns about the privacy of their families very seriously and will not publish photos of celebrity children when taken during private times. We would also never reveal details of a celebrity pregnancy or health concern against their wishes and we do not share details about our celebrities’ whereabouts that would impact their security.

COLLABORATION: Working hand-in-hand with personalities and their representatives is at the heart of HELLO!’s publishing philosophy, and we actively encourage collaboration and direct communication. Likewise, we are always eager to hear from readers who have information to share about a story or who feel a mistake has been made. We will work with you to corroborate facts as swiftly as possible.

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